What is Dual Prolytic Graphite Sheets (PGS) ?
Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet is a heat spreading material with high thermal conductivity. This material is lightweight and highly flexible. It can be cut into custom shapes, making it extremely useful for applications with limited space. In addition, it has excellent thermal conductivity properties, 600 to 800 W/(m-K), which is twice as high as copper and three times as high as aluminum.

PGS is extremely effective in the development of equipment where temperature arises and it have to be control the heat. PGS is an ideal solution where there are  heat sources such as CPUs, processors, power amplifiers, smartphones,that create hot spots that need to be diffused.

Key Features of PGS:

1. Excellent thermal conductivity in its plane (600 to 1700 W/m.K) or 2 to 4 times as high as copper, 3 to 6 times as high as aluminum

2. Lightweight and ultra-thin: Specific gravity: 0.85 to 2.1g/cm3 (1/4 to 1/10 of copper, 1/1.3 to 1/3 of aluminum in density)

3. Flexible and easy to be cut or trimmed (withstands repeated bending) Low thermal resistance Shielding effect

4. Maintenance-free

How Prolytic Graphite Sheet Work?

Basically the Prolytic Graphite Sheet is carrying the heat from heat source of the smartphone and define the heat through the sheet!

Flexibility Of  Prolytic Graphite Sheet

PGS is bending-resistant due to its flexibility. PGS can be used for areas such as curved surfaces and corner because its heat conductivity will remain unchanged in the fold PGS.

How heat is diffused through it

How heat is diffused through it

How it is useful in smartphones

How it is useful in smartphones


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